About Us

Michael and Jenny Cho

Founded Michael and Jenny Cho, Craft Sushi’s overarching goal is to offer neighbors a local option for honest food at honest prices. Guests can create made to order, bespoke sushi rolls and asian-inspired bowls in a fast casual restaurant setting.

One of our founding principles is to bring the farm to counter experience to our guests by showcasing local food grown by area farmers and artisans. To that end, Craft Sushi has made continuous strides since its opening. Currently more than 50% of our produce is organically grown within 10 miles of our restaurants, including one local farm that grows exclusively for us!

Being fresh and local is important, but so is being delicious! From our house-made sauces and marinades to craveable Asian meats and sashimi grade-A fish, our Korean-American family history and taste is weaved throughout the menu. 

What We Believe:

We believe in setting the table daily with fresh and delicious ingredients, much of it sourced locally in-season, for our neighbors.

We believe in offering an honest product at an honest price.

We believe real food is made from scratch every day.

We believe in your right to craft a beautiful, deliciously customized meal for the same price and time as ordering a #4 from the king, colonel or clown.

We believe food allergies and sensitivities should not prevent you from enjoying a wonderful meal and experience.

We believe that ‘good’ and ‘good for you’ can coexist beautifully.

We believe a helpful smile and demeanor can make someone’s day.

We believe in community and loving our neighbors the best we can.

We believe in taking care of our team.

We believe doing the right thing, the right way, is the only way to true success.

We believe in us.